Elevator911 technicians are trained to install and support non-proprietary micro-computer elevator control systems. These micro-computers are produced by Motion Control Engineering, Inc. (MCE). MCE is a state of the art manufacturer for computer hardware and software specifically designed for elevator systems. MCE builds the most sophisticated elevator systems in the world, while keeping them simple to operate and service.

“Non-Proprietary” Defined

It is the Commitment, Not the Equipment that differentiates Non-Proprietary from Proprietary. Contractors, manufacturers and elevator professionals suggest that all elevator control systems are basically Proprietary in nature, by virtue of their design.

The degree of Proprietary Restraint can be measured by the ability of service companies other than the original control manufacturer to maintain the equipment – and the degree of Proprietary restraint within distribution and support channels.

Freedom of choice is the reason most often mentioned by building owners when specifying Non-Proprietary elevator control equipment. The ability to select from among competitive maintenance providers, if necessary, ensures the sound financial future increasingly in demand by decision makers.

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