How do I schedule to have my elevator inspected?

Send us an e-mail, fax, or submit the form on our "Contact Us" page, or you can simply call our office. We will contact you to coordinate all inspection services in a timely manner.

Are elevators safe?

Yes,elevators are safe as long as you follow the rules set forth by code and manufactures recommendations. All elevators are not created equal. Make sure that the elevator you purchase from follows all safety requirements and your contractor is licensed by the state to do business in your area. We require, and the law requires, every elevator that we install is inspected by an independent, certified and licensed inspector.

What type of maintenance service is conducted on the elevators?

Elevator911 provides monthly maintenance service to ensure safe and reliable operation of our elevators and lifts. We thoroughly inspects and makes adjustments to the variety of components required to ensure smooth and reliable operation, including cab fixtures, signals and lights, handrails and panels, hoistway rails, machine room equipment, pumps and valves, oil levels and tank integrity, controller contacts, main operating controllers and switches, pump motor bearings, traveling cables, pit gland packings, undercar guides, traveling cables, door operator components, door safety edges, light rays and cables. Our staff provide inspections of the elevators routinely throughout the month. They are knowledgeable and prepared to assist in preventive maintenance, repair and entrapment rescues.

Where can I get a copy of the elevator code?

Copies of the ANSI A17 codes are available for purchase through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at 800-THE-ASME.

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